Brouwerij de Keijser
1Fatu-Krey IPAAmerican IPA 6.1766.87
2Lucifer MorningstarRussian Imperial Stout10.6874.21
3Spectre of the gunAmerican Pale Ale5.2151.21
4The Sun MakersAmerican Pale Ale5.6946.46
5Admiral ForrestAmerican IPA6.1469.85
6Precis LagomKölsch4.8329.58
7Flowers for AlgernonAmerican Pale Ale2.2346.73
8Mazikeen Awesome CoconutRussian Imperial Stout10.37212.00
9The Sound of DrumsExtra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)4.8149.91
10Innis & GunnieScottish Export 804.6529.15
11UndercityAmerican Pale Ale5.3943.59
12Tall Woman in Red WagonBelgian Dark Strong Ale9.8433.00
13Saw GerreraAmerican IPA6.3773.16
14Sandin CitrauvinAmerican Pale Ale5.7245.00
15Megropolis OneAmerican Pale Ale 10A5.4954.86
16Roth’h’ar SarrisAmerican IPA 21A6.9377.62
17Daisy DaisyWhite IPA5.6642.22
18De volgende halte CarolusBelgian Dark Strong Ale9.1122.37
19The Eternal DalekAmerican Pale Ale4.9647.12
20Dr LazarusAmerican IPA6.2369.44
21Commander TaggertDouble IPA9.01124.80
22Guns of NavaroneAmerican Pale Ale2.1053.68
23De volgende halte MechelenBelgian Dark Strong Ale9.0932.55
24Mak’tar stealth hazeAmerican Barleywine10.08129.21
25Godzilla - FailRussian Imperial Stout12.00209.70
26Crewman MadisonAmerican IPA6.0673.48
27The Lady of ObsidianAmerican Pale Ale5.0045.00
28HundelibundAmerican Pale Ale 10A4.5126.64
29AlbatraozAmerican Pale Ale5.0350.98
30De volgende halte xmasBelgian Dark Strong Ale9.8333.78
31The CommanderDouble IPA9.01166.40
32HundelibundAmerican Pale Ale 10A 4.8322.84
33Boner McJoyAmerican IPA6.6544.41
34Amenadiel Chocolate AngelRussian Imperial Stout9.86223.00
35DippieDouble IPA8.94126.00
36De Volgende Halte EasterBelgian Dark Strong Ale9.3932.55
37CommanderDouble IPA9.00130.00
38SevateemAmerican Pale Ale5.1148.00
39GojiraRussian Imperial Stout14.00174.00
40Collaboration 1BBelgian Dark Strong Ale9.0633.57
41Kara & AlexBelgian Tripel8.9328.51
43Innis & GunnieScottish Export 805.2428.53
44Hot diggedy dogAmerican Pale Ale2.1272.30
45Hundelibund LagerInternational Pale Lager4.8423.47
46De Volgende Halte ClassicBelgian Dark Strong Ale8.4031.00
47Dominar RygelAmerican Barleywine11.00169.00
48LSROAmerican Pale Ale5.3650.17
49Face of BoeExtra Special/Strong Bitter5.0549.30
50Hot Tub High SchoolRussian Imperial Stout 10.00263.00
51Bodvar Power IPAAmerican IPA6.4668.00
52Constant VigilanceExtra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)5.3353.00
53Sands of ZanzibarAmerican Pale Ale2.1344.72
54Awesome MazeRussian Imperial Stout9.73266.45
55De Volgende Halte ChristmasBelgian Dark Strong Ale9.6635.05
56HundelibundenInternational Pale Lager5.1122.73
57Alex & KaraBelgian Tripel8.9528.42
58Hello Sweetie!Standard/Ordinary Bitter3.1032.00
59Jolly Fats WehawkinAmerican Pale Ale3.2048.00
60Pixie PrincessWitbier4.5019.00
61My Pixie PrincessWitbier4.3019.00
62Mad EyeExtra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)5.1348.00
63Have you seen my Force-lance?American IPA6.3083.00
64Dream of silverAmerican IPA6.5088.00
65De Volgende halte KeizerBelgian Dark Strong Ale8.4037.25
66Captain TightpantsBelgian Blond Ale7.1826.41
67NanaliciousAmerican Pale Ale5.1447.44
68Raggedy ManWitbier4.3020.00
69Moon RiverBelgian Tripel8.1125.00
70FeminazgûlStandard/Ordinary Bitter3.2035.00
71Sweet Molly BrownAmerican Pale Ale3.4049.00
72GrImPAAmerican IPA5.8264.67
73De Volgende Halte Easter 2019Belgian Dark Strong Ale8.7634.00
74Hawks of the LuftwaffeAmerican Pale Ale2.2068.00
75Innis & Gunnie 82Scottish Export 804.8530.00
76Harnesk IPAAmerican IPA6.5088.00
77Sigge DyklagerInternational Pale Lager5.1325.55
78Nanalicious 27American Pale Ale5.1549.56
79BrowncoatsBelgian Blond Ale7.5127.63
80StarbuckAmerican IPA 5.6077.00
81Dr SpitzeWitbier 4.7910.36
82Blond BasilikaBelgian Blond Ale6.0025.50
83GlennBelgian Witbier4.7818.00
84Kara Zor-ElBelgian Tripel 18 C10.0038.00
85Mad Man In A BoxExtra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB)4.6049.00
86De Volgende Halte LunaBelgian Golden Strong Ale8.3035.00
90De volgende halte AnversBelgian Golden Strong Ale7.0033.45
91Cuvée AmandaBelgian Dark Strong Ale9.3034.00
92Pixie LoveWirbier4.8018.00
9357th OverlandersBelgian Blond Ale6.0026.00
94The CompanionBelgian Tripel8.7025.00
95BackebölAmerican Pale Ale2.1056.00
96Hookis Jul IPAAmerican IPA6.3880.60
97Gym BitchWitbier4.2019.00
98The Doctor, Leela and CordoAmerican Pale Ale5.1055.00
99Awesome Maze VanillaRussian Imperial Stout9.80209.00
100De Volgende Halte Classic IIBelgian Dark Strong Ale8.4032.00
101Your CommanderDouble IPA9.20126.00
102Sossos studie IPAAmerican IPA6.1081.00
103The SlayerBelgian Blond Ale6.0529.00
105LakritstrolletRussian Imperial Stout9.35105.00
106Zoe & MalBelgian Blond Ale6.6725.00
107Pixie Princess IIWitbier4.5115.00
108Sigge Dyklager IIInternational Pale Lager4.9630.00
109The GornBrut IPA6.7417.00
110Eliza & AluraBelgian Tripel9.0025.00
111Innis and Gunnie 83Scottish Export 805.5046.00
112Råger MårAmerican Pale Ale4.2061.00
113Lois & ClarkSaison5.2038.00
114Pinky SwearBelgian Tripel8.6040.00
115Farnsworth StratagemBelgian Dark Strong Ale10.0038.00
116Gymbitch IIWitbier4.2017.00
117Lagom CalypsoKölsch 6C4.8277.00
118Tripel of RaoBelgian Tripel8.8039.00
119HumdingerAmerican Pale Ale2.1065.00
120Red QueenSaison 16C5.2048.00
121Spoilers!Standard/Ordinary Bitter3.4934.00
122Shiny!Belgian Blond Ale6.4523.00
123Pixie Princess IIIWitbier4.5012.30
124De Volgende Halte Jul 2020Belgian Dark Strong Ale9.1126.00
125The MetronsBrut IPA6.1521.00
126Lojsta SlottswitBelgian Witbier4.8013.00
127Lees BitterBest Bitter4.2024.00
128Gymbitch IIIWitbier4.8020.00
129Tre MagnusRussian Imperial Stout10.00214.00
130More SpoilersStandard/Ordinary Bitter3.1030.00
131Lagom CitraKölsch4.8068.00
132Malins HundelibundInternational Pale Lager5.1526.00
133Perry XMild3.0032.00
134Alcotrin SlarverborgDouble IPA9.00130.00
135Night on DarilliumOrdinary Bitter3.3035.50
136Rudimentary LatheBrut IPA6.1520.00
137Tripel AmandaBelgian Tripel9.0036.00
138Kent Farm AleSaison6.1333.80
139Prästens TripelBelgian Tripel9.2226.00
140Sensei PingAmercian Pale Ale0.5048.00
141Triumph the insult lagerClassic Style Smoked Beer5.2035.00
142Gunnies StoutDry Stout4.1040.00
143Glenn againWitbier 4.8213.60
144Lees SecondBest Bitter3.9526.50
145Tennants Queens Ale 1956Best Bitter3.3347.00